By cutting out the fluff and making content extremely direct and to the point, it can break through the noise online and capture a few precious seconds of attention with meaningful and motivating information before the reader loses interest.  The more you can convey with fewer words, the better. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST

Blogs are arguing over whether blogging has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Blogging isn’t extinct. It’s just one of many ways for people to communicate. With the growth of video like YouTube and how people spend 36 seconds on news articles, our secondary oral world needs the believer to learn how to communicate well online. So, after listening to this podcast, it boils down to:

  • Keep your communication to the point.
  • Cut, cut, cut; ruthlessly edit.
  • Don’t be proper writers. Writing online is different than writing a thesis.
  • If you manage volunteers or a team of employees, keep your emails short and to the point; don’t bury the lead in the middle of an overly long email and waste your employee’s time.
  • If you are going to write a blog, write everyday (or at least three times a week).
  • Don’t spread yourself to thin on promoting your message across different mediums. Have a strategy you can manage.

And above all, on one of our points, write with purpose! The reason CMI shares articles from different places across the globe is to become a central place to share what God is doing through technology. Our writers contribute original articles to help you become better mentors online and to teach you how to disciple through our blogs.

We can’t do this without our volunteers. So if you would like to volunteer, apply here


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