On Friday, we faced the reality of what our witnessing really looks like and how we can rely upon the Holy Spirit’s power. But what about the message or our words?

Paul tells us that his message was only about Christ and him crucified. That is the only message we need. When we point the unbeliever to Christ, the Holy Spirit begins His work. Allow the Holy Spirit to prick the hearts of those who are perishing, those to whom the cross is foolishness, to those who are the unbelievers. Without the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, these for whom Christ died will enter a Christ-less eternity. They cannot understand the things that the eye can see, the ear can hear, and the mind can imagine. These are prepared and set aside and are only given to those who willingly bow the knee to the Christ. God does not give His precious gifts to just anyone. They are prepared for those who love him, and revealed by the indwelling, Illuminating Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the one that Jesus promised: “I will send him to you.”

Today, pray that God give you a divine appointment to share Christ and him crucified. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the right words, the right time, and the right person that the Holy Spirit has already been preparing. Do you have a person in mind? Let us know so we can pray with you.



About Gaye Austin

When not writing for the Bible.org ministry Facebook page, Gaye Austin can be found working on her own web page, titled http://sonshinesjournal.com/ As a lover of snail mail you might find her thanking the donors of the Bible.org ministry where she works as a full-time volunteer. You might find her reading and on the alert for good writers for the children’s ministry blog; Heartprints. Life has taken Gaye on many adventures of faith from NY to GA, Maryland, Fl and now to Texas. Along the way, she has found discipling other women rewarding. In Texas, she and her husband enjoy time with their son, daughter-in-law and cheering on their aspiring musical theater granddaughter; a senior at Baylor University. Gaye has been active in many churches Sunday School programs, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and teaching Precept Ministries classes. It was through these she learned how to study the Bible and started writing curriculum and Sunday School lessons for her husband’s class. Along with this she also taught elementary school. Now, when not glued to the computer screen, she enjoys gardening and reading. Because her life has had many twists and turns she recently rewrote her testimony titled “Protected” after seeing how God has directed and protected her through the many years she has walked with Him.

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