Dear Church,

Your online presence is as important as your brick and mortar building. Guests will look up your church using their smartphone. In this day and age, it’s about word of mouth and online presence. If it isn’t quick and easy to find, they may go elsewhere. The basics need to be updated:

  • Your time and dates of meetings.
  • Your ministries.
  • Delete incomplete pages.
  • Host your blog on your website and make it easy to find.
  • Blog consistently and connect it to your social media.
  • Subscribe to marketing email so you can learn the basics of getting your website and social media presence noticed.
  • Keep your social media about pages accurate.
  • Communicate quickly through your email and social media.
  • Encourage less spammy ways for your congregation to promote your church or share their faith through your church Facebook page. For instance, a Facebook Group won’t welcome 20 people swarming in on it and screaming, “Come to our church!”

Love, Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC (partnering with our missionary organizations and churches to spread the Gospel worldwide)

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