“He’s just filming himself talking.” D looked puzzled at how Periscope was useful. His question made me realize a point of view I failed to take into consideration. From another generational aspect, how could Periscope be used for building community from online to face-to-face?

Decide What Name to be Under

Unlike Facebook with its strict privacy requirements, Periscope allows the user to create a profile with a pen name, an organization’s name, or your real name. Decide now how you will serve online and with what name. Trying to clean up your online presence after the fact is time consuming.

  • Download the app on your Android or IOS phone or tablet.
  • Create your profile.
  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Connect it with your Twitter account so live broadcasts can be shared there, too, expanding your audience.
  • Red dots are live.
  • Blue dots are not live, but videos from the live broadcast.

Location, Location, Location

Once your account is uploaded and you pressed on the “world” symbol to view what country to visit, please take note of a few especially interesting and important points:

  • Go to your field or ministry location and find the red dots. Follow them.
  • Create a group on your app for these specific profiles, and do weekly broadcasts private for them. You can group people based on religion, culture, or country.
  • Do weekly broadcasts for everyone from a location that is safe. You’ll also need to turn on your location on your device so people can find you. When you broadcast, people can locate the street you are broadcasting on. Broadcasting from a park, a cafe, or a library conference room is better than your own home.

The idea is to connect with people online, develop relationships with them, and eventually meet them face-to-face. As a leader said at WorldVenture, if you are not willing to invest ten years into a relationship, why are you in evangelism or missions? If you want a seed to sprout and grow, it must be tenderly planted in fertile ground, not scattered and left to the scorching heat of day.

The Legal Stuff (Consult Your Lawyer)

When Periscope first came out, different blogs were working to figure out the legalities of this new live video feed. Here’s some advice gleaned from my own readings:

  • Videoing specific people may require a media release signed by them, or a verbal, “I give permission to be filmed.”
  • Videoing in a crowd may be okay.

I (NH) keep my own feed to not archive my videos. They are only up for 24 hours to not put myself in an awkward legal problem. If I have a verbal or written media release, I will keep the videos on my profile.

It’s About Community

Like any of the social media apps, Periscope is about community and conversation. People want to learn about other cultures, connect with people, and have something to do on long evenings.

How have you used Periscope and what have you discovered?



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