cmi1This is an example of syncretism. According to

“Syncretism refers to a blending of Christian faith and non-Christian beliefs and practices. This blending is so distant from orthodox faith and practice that it becomes doubtful that adherents are following the essentials of biblical faith. (pg. 162, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Study Guide).”

On Monday, we talked about building bridges of love through Pinterest. What we have to be careful about are two things:

  • All Attitude and No Compassion: I’ve encountered very passionate Christians who come off as angry and legalistic. It’s their way or the highway. It’s what they say, not what the Bible says. Unfortunately, you’ll find that in every group of Christians, but for the most part, Christians are compassionate and caring people.
  • Syncretism: Trying to make Jesus palatable to non-believers. So we have a false conversion with no transformation of the life; or “rice” Christians–those who become “believers” to gain something in return, because they fear, if they don’t convert, they will lose that thing they value.

On Friday, I’ll talk about leadership.

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