Our Community Volunteer positions aren’t just our hands and feet on the ground, but they also are prayer warriors, using different prayer warriors from different like-minded churches to come together and reach their local community. This is what we do:


Community Volunteers are required to start a prayer movement in their communities consisting of people from different churches, connecting with pastors of local churches and house churches, and to reach out to their communities with this prayer movement once a month to gather prayer requests. The prayer movement works this way:

Gather people together once a month in an area where the community usually gathers like a town square or a the center of a city.

The Community Volunteer is the leader of this prayer movement as part of his or her duties at CMI. Each volunteer that he or she leads in this prayer movement must wear a name tag that bears the person’s first name, church, and CMI’s full name and logo. This is to identify the person as a Christian who attends a church that is not a cult or false religion to establish trust. The goal is for each Community Volunteer in each town to have a group of people from different churches to show the secular world Christianity can be unified on the essentials.

Each prayer warrior under the Community Volunteer’s leadership, carries a list of church address and phone numbers, a pen and paper to record prayer requests and/or contact information from the person requesting prayer, and a bible (electronic or paper).

During the prayer movement on that day or evening, the prayer warrior asks a person for prayer requests. Prayer warriors must not get defensive if the person they approach gets angry, retaliates, or makes fun. Be kind. Be like Jesus. Identify yourself and that you are from a Christian church.  Do not pursue if the person runs away from you.

Prayer warriors must go two-by-two (never alone).

At the end of the day or evening, all prayer warriors (unless bound by confidentiality) should turn in all prayer requests and make a report to the Community Volunteer. The Community Volunteer will give a report of each month’s meetings to the owner of CMI during the once a month meeting, or more often, if the subject is urgent, or if there is a convert.

The Community Volunteer will meet, at his or her discretion of time and place on an additional day or night with that group of prayer warriors to pray for the requests, for each other, and to fellowship together as Christians. This would be run like a small group and how it is run is at the discretion and creativity of the Community Volunteer. A Community Volunteer may request a friend to help with the organization of this or to work as partners with the Community Volunteer. This is allowed but only after that friend or relative has applied to be a Community Volunteer.


If you are interested in applying, click here and here.


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