The horrible memories of being forced to eat steamed broccoli leaves many children forever traumatized. That’s how some people view social media. It’s like eating broccoli. No matter how you dress it, cook it, or hide it, to them technology is still broccoli. In fact, when you mention Facebook you even get the expression of a child facing a plate of broccoli on that person’s face. This week, we want you to take that first step and face your “broccoli.”

If you already, even reluctantly, have Facebook, start paying more attention to what other people post than what you post. What makes people react or comment? What subjects are popular? Are you seeing friendships form online from a shared experience expressed via a video or a photograph? What makes your “friends” on Facebook engage? How can you contribute meaningfully?

That’s your challenge this week! We would love to hear some feedback in the comments. How did you face your “broccoli”? 


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