Blogging every week is time consuming. At CMI, we seek to bring in a variety of voices to show what technology is doing in the world and how we can use it to spread the Gospel, to teach how to disciple, how to reach across cultural and religious boundaries, and how to engage using social media. We have many ways you can become involved.

There are three positions available: 

Blogger: One time a month, any time of the month. Blog around our vision.

Social Media Mentor: Someone who is a friend to the unreached, the unloved, and the unchurched. Pray for the person. Help them discover Jesus through non-pushy, prayerful, and intentional friendships online. Connect them, when they are ready, with a Christian ministry from their home town that can help disciple them face-to-face, or connect them with a Christian outreach if their need is physical, like needing a food box.

Community Volunteer: This can be a two-person position. You are the hands and feet of CMI on the ground, talking to churches on our behalf, helping churches use technology to mobilize their congregations with yearly training in story, technology, theology, and false cults and religions. You also create a town-wide prayer movement (email us for further information on this). The idea is to work with the different denominations of Christianity so our Gospel movements are unified.

Do you have an idea that feels too small, but you wish the idea would inspire a movement? Consider querying us to have your group or idea listed as a project on our project page!

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