Posts about Mark of the Beast, biblical prophecies, and government conspiracies abound in some Christian group posts on Facebook. These are great conversations among believers, but in your own personal Facebook that may have unbelievers, I would suggest keeping the real mission in mind.

This is why I am highlighting a great program at Focus on the Family called, The Digital Engagement Center.


They employ approximately 100 employees from Focus on the Family to engage the culture using social media. I’ve highlighted their fact sheet here. Their center opened in 2013 and offer counseling referrals, help find trusted websites, and answers for those with doubts and questions.

God is building His army of people online. CMI wishes to enroll you in our own Social Media Missionary program. We would like to join in with Focus on the Family, Global Media Outreach, and others who are forging new missionary strategy online to reach people for Christ and help the church work together for the Great Commission.

I wish to employ more than 100 people–regular people like you. You are the grandmother who goes to Sunday School every week, the prayer warrior who lost her husband, the guy who runs the men’s ministry at your church, or the mother who can social network while her kids are watching Frozen. CMI’s vision is to bring the people in church online to entice the people online to take another look at church (small group, traditional, and house church) as a relevant place in society. Primarily, to bring people who are unsaved into a saving relationship with Christ.

Online Social Media Missionary

  • Spends a minimum an hour a week online.
  • Mandatory once a month online meetings with CMI in a secret group setting to discuss what works, what needs to change, and pray for their efforts.
  • Works to connect their new online “friends” with real life church or a ministry that is designed to help that person with physical needs (bills, clothing, food, etc).
  • They are your best friend, the person you can trust, fully vetted by us, and someone who constantly prays for you.
  • They attend a variety of churches that share a similar statement of beliefs.

Would you prayerfully consider joining us? Email me with questions: If you work at Focus on the Family, you can apply.

If you are a missionary, and I can verify that you are a missionary, apply. We can consider listing you on a separate page so people can talk directly to you, or keep you anonymous as is our policy with Online Social Media Missionaries. The more solid Christians we can send online, the more people we can reach together. Our culture more than ever needs brave men and women on board with digital missions. And the best thing about this? You don’t have to raise funds.You don’t have to move. You don’t have to leave your family.

Social Media is free, and you do it everyday anyway. Why not do it with purpose?


About Nikole Hahn

A new appointee with WorldVenture, a missionary organization, who works at FBC Prescott as a church secretary and has joined the world of cybermissions. You can partner with her in ministry, by giving at

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