Christian writers and leaders are invited to apply as a blogger. We need to build a team of volunteers eager to educate and equip other Christians to use their one social media for missions and evangelizing, to teach them about false cults and religions and how to talk to those who are deceived, and to teach Christians Bible. This is about the worldwide church working as a team to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth by mobilizing others to get involved.

The advantage for writing with us:

  • Cross-networking: Your bio, photo, and web address is listed on our webpage and beneath every post you write.
  • This would build your platform if you are trying to get the attention of a publisher. The more you publish, the wider your reader base becomes.
  • It’s once a month only. This is a light commitment. If you are a missionary or a pastor with a tight schedule, a once per month writing schedule will allow you to fulfill your social networking requirements and help you fund raise because we cross-network.
  • You have the opportunity to really reach beyond your current ministry and use social media to help people online.
  • It doesn’t matter what denomination you are from as long as it is a Christian denomination.
  • If you are trying for Christian unity, the bios listed for each writer indicates that each attends a different church/denomination which shows unity in action.
  • If you run a business, you can advertise your business on your bio.
  • You may write under a pseudonym.

If interested, click here to learn more. Application available on our website under About.

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