The church needs to use the online world beyond marketing to engagement. And not only engagement, but encouraging their congregation (even training them) to use their own personal social media to reach people for Christ. Larger churches have a social media marketer. Smaller to medium churches either don’t do social media, stumble around on it, listing inaccurate information, or only use a quarter of its potential because they don’t know how to use social media; and this quarter is used basically for marketing the church. Today, our friend over at AZ Social Media Wiz gives us some tips for business.

Let’s re-address it for ministry! This for the church and their congregation!

  • If your pastor blogs, pin that blog to your Pinterest. Add a short paragraph explaining how his blog impacted you. End with an open-ended question.
  • Pastors, make sure your church has a Pinterest of its own, and after posting it, pin it to the church Pinterest account.
  • AZ Social Media Wiz suggests using a timer to budget your time online.
  • Each blog post that is pinned, MUST have a 600 or 800 pixel image that is attractive, supports the story you are telling, copyright free or your own, and high resolution. Use or to format your blog images. The image attracts the reader.

The church needs you to help it become known. If people know you for your love (i.e. love-filled comments, good timed questions, discussion versus debate, etc), they will associate you with your church. If you are someone who is angry online, judgmental, and has an opinion on everything, your church will become known for this. More importantly, how is your faith reflected online? Are you going that extra mile to share your faith online? Are you letting people see you live your faith online?

Hint: You don’t need your pastor’s permission to begin sharing public church content on your social media. As Nike says, just do it

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