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Please help spread the word about our organization.

Our goal is to:

  • Bring awareness of cybermissions and the work of mobile ministry to the churches and traditional missionary organizations.
  • Educate and Equip Christians to use their one social media site more missionally, to engage.
  • Educate Christians on false cults and religions.
  • Inspire people again about world missions. Help them fall in love with the Great Commission.
  • Connect new online believers with the real life church (house church, traditional church, and small groups).
  • Encourage churches to educate their congregation on cybermissions and to encourage their congregations to get online.
  • Change how Christians interact online.

Three ways that you can be a big help to us is this:

  1. Write: Consider writing for us. Do you have a background of being a current or former ministry leader, pastor, or missionary? If you don’t have time to blog, consider blogging once per month with us. Just give us an hour a month by writing a post for us. We’ll be happy to repay the favor through cross-networking.
  2. Engage Online: You have one or two social networks. Why not become a Social Media Missionary through us? Every month we will meet online and pray together for those we are trying to reach, discuss strategy, share information, and bond like a small group. You can choose to stay unlisted, or if it is advantageous to become listed a social media missionary, we will happily list your bio, photo, and weblinks on our about pages. However, bear in mind, missionary is a word not welcomed in some circles.
  3. Be Our Hands and Feet in Your Community: Partner with someone or do this on your own, but consider becoming our hands and feet on the ground in your local community. A Community Volunteer starts a multi-church prayer movement in his or her area and assists churches and ministries with their social media and website needs for free as part of contributing to their local church movements. We meet together once per month online to pray for each other as leaders, and we are always available for questions or to handle issues.

We also encourage people to start projects in their community. Read more about that here. Projects must be around our vision. You can use our platform to list groups that are participating in your project. Read about our current project here.

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