Psalm 143 “Prayers…And a Quiet Time with God”

If you have been in missions very long, you have been a part of a prayer group. Whether a newbie or a seasoned prayer group person, you have, at times, wondered how those who pray seem like they are talking directly to God. Come alongside David, listen to him and learn from him.

David has learned the secret of a quiet time with God. He is here to share his secret with you:

 “my tongue is as skilled as the stylus of an experienced scribe.” [Ps 45]

Is this how you see the usage of your tongue?  Can you say that? If not, join David as he talks with His God. Take out your note pad and take notes, because prayer begins at the Jesus’ knee, seeking an audience with Him.

O Lord, hear my prayer! Pay attention to my plea for help! Because of your faithfulness and justice, answer me!

Even David had the nagging notion that perhaps God was being silent for a time just as we do. But, of course, God is not. Sometimes, our heart fails to hear what God hears or our eyes fail to see what God sees. He is waiting for us to stop and listen for His still small voice because sometimes we are in an earthquake of emotions when our strength leaves us.

Sometimes, we are facing the fire and its roar. Sometimes, we need the reminder that just as He was with the Three Hebrews He will be with us.

Stop and ask:

  • Are my emotions so raw that I only see them and not God?
  • Is the roar of the fire so loud my ears cannot hear?
  • Learn from David to sit quietly as you wait on God. Do as David and pour out your heart just as he did.

As our emotions fall away, we are able to hear God’s soft whisper which is for us and us alone. In that quiet time, we hear his words of loving-kindness and we hear, “a word spoken behind us, saying, ‘This is the correct way, walk in it,’ whether you are heading to the right or the left.” [Is 30:21]

Now step away from your quiet time and ponder afresh. Re-read this Psalm, along with others, to learn how to speak to God. When we humbly seek the face of God, seek to hear from God, we learn also how to speak to God.

Can we pray for you today as you serve online and wait on God in life?



About Gaye Austin

When not writing for the ministry Facebook page, Gaye Austin can be found working on her own web page, titled As a lover of snail mail you might find her thanking the donors of the ministry where she works as a full-time volunteer. You might find her reading and on the alert for good writers for the children’s ministry blog; Heartprints. Life has taken Gaye on many adventures of faith from NY to GA, Maryland, Fl and now to Texas. Along the way, she has found discipling other women rewarding. In Texas, she and her husband enjoy time with their son, daughter-in-law and cheering on their aspiring musical theater granddaughter; a senior at Baylor University. Gaye has been active in many churches Sunday School programs, Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and teaching Precept Ministries classes. It was through these she learned how to study the Bible and started writing curriculum and Sunday School lessons for her husband’s class. Along with this she also taught elementary school. Now, when not glued to the computer screen, she enjoys gardening and reading. Because her life has had many twists and turns she recently rewrote her testimony titled “Protected” after seeing how God has directed and protected her through the many years she has walked with Him.

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