There is nowhere on Earth that the internet cannot reach – its impact on the world is absolute and all encompassing. Waiting on manuscripts, printing presses, tape recorders and DVD players to publish the Gospel has become an obsolete pastime. With the stroke of a computer key, or clicking “send” on a mobile device, millions can be reached instantly all across the globe – from the densely populated to the remote and obscure places on Earth.

The most popular device for the receipt of information quickly and efficiently is the mobile device. The strategies for its use in many different arenas are endless with people consistently taking advantage of the ease of use. The internet gives people seeking Jesus Christ the ability to “come to us” in ways that were not available. The “go to them” mentality of the past is becoming extinct with the prevalence of mobile technology. They are running at warp speed to access the Internet and to speak the languages of the world.

If you look at the number of missionaries there are in comparison to the world population, you’ll find that the number of missionaries is kind of scarce. Most missionaries tend to collect in specific nations, like the USA. Because of this, they wholly ignore parts of the world that are developing or war-torn. Two percent or more Christian populations live in nations with populations totaling over three billion people. This comprises roughly about 40% of world population. For more on missionaries statistics, click here. At a minimal cost of 8 cents per Bible-content download, a half-million people can be brought to Jesus Christ for about $40,000, the amount that it would cost to support one foreign missionary for a year. One of the intrinsic benefits of mobile technology is that the Bible-content from the internet can be viewed and shared countless times, thus laying a basic foundation for new believer-groups and churches to flourish. What more of a tool could a mission worker attempting to spread the gospel to the masses ask for? A bible that has the ability to spread through the people on its own with a simple click!

The biggest stumbling block that mobile missionaries have to overcome when attempting to spread the gospel is locating remote people online to deliver the mobile bibles to. So many people in these nations are accessing the Internet. An African nation like Tanzania, whose major language is Swahili, exuberantly claims to have almost 2 million mobile internet users by one ad agency alone. Tanzania’s total population is about 50 million. It should be commonplace to use mobile technology to reach people in this area. International mission groups have attempted to tap into this population using various offline distribution tactics. BibleTransmission has recently been able to penetrate this market base using online distribution through banner advertising with noteworthy success.

BibleTransmission (BT) is exploring yet another online strategy to reach semi-remote areas (like Brazil) using advertising on Facebook. Last month alone, BT invested $60 over a 4 week time period, to distribute a newsfeed post specifically for Brazil. Cost per engagement was $0.01. Total reach (the number of people who have seen the post) was 144,035. The post received 9,400 Likes, 41 shares and there were 83 comments on the post. The post carried a link to a free and downloadable audio Bible in Portuguese. It received about 300 link-clicks to download the free Bible, even though a bible was not downloaded by all who clicked the link.

It is important that as society transitions to using mobile technology more, mission efforts follow suit with the populace. We can utilize mobile technology to reach the “ends of the earth.” Even if someone can’t spread the word of God, something can reach them with the message through utilizing mobiles. What would Jesus do? We have been given a gift by God to reach the masses – lets utilize it fruitfully to complete the Great Commission today.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Isaiah 68:11 (KJV)

About Nancy Keel

BibleTransmission is a non-profit organization that helps missionaries share the Gospel to the ends of the earth via mobiles in developing nations. Nancy Keel is the founder of Bible TransMission. At Bible TransMission we show how to share Gospel content to mobiles OFFLINE via Micro SD cards. This is a time tested practice for the mission field. Perfect for short term trips and residing missionaries who want to share culturally relevant media to evangelize or strengthen believers. Visit our website for videos and instruction on transferring files from computer to mobile, and from mobile to mobile. We recently started ONLINE distribution of Gospel content to remote mobiles in developing nations with great success. We run ad campaigns through a mobile ad agency for pennies a click. This is a distribution method that many Christian organizations should consider to increase the exposure of their content or activities internationally.

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