When a ministry changes direction, it is important to communicate this change to your team mates. Each team member is a piece of a bigger picture. For them to do their job well, they need to know what direction to go. It is never just you running a ministry.

You may be the leader, but you are not able to do something alone. Paperwork and planning go into every idea. A dream becomes a vision when action is taken. Vision takes a team of people who have specific gifts that can operate different parts of the vision so it can operate successfully as a ministry spreading the Gospel worldwide.

Momentum happens when the ministry first launches. The team must keep doing their part for the momentum to stir up the excitement of people for the ministry. The vision can become a ministry that has a life all its own when the leader steps back and guides, inspires, and encourages the team to work as one to serve the community through the new ministry. The leader, however, has an important part to play in communication.

The leader must work with the team regarding ministry direction, changes in programs, and make the rest of the team feel like they, not only have a part, but also know where the leader is going to adjust their work load for any changes.

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