People like to use Kodak as an example of not adapting to changing technology. The church should pay attention:

“The problem is that, during its 10-year window of opportunity, Kodak did little to prepare for the later disruption. In fact, Kodak made exactly the mistake that George Eastman, its founder, avoided twice before, when he gave up a profitable dry-plate business to move to film and when he invested in color film even though it was demonstrably inferior to black and white film (which Kodak dominated).” (READ MORE) 

Instead of fearing it, use technology to build the church on and offline. Use it to connect people to face-to-face ministries that can provide with practical needs or pastors for follow-up conversations. According to the IMB here, we are on the cusp of a new era of missions.

“Given the enormous amount of technological advancement during the past two decades, some believe that we have subtly entered a fourth era in modern mission history.”

Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC continues to showcase mission news, technological advances, and re-interpret marketing articles for leaders, missionaries, and congregation members to use what works in marketing as ministry. Think of it as marketing with a heart. It’s not just about getting the Gospel in front of you, but caring about your time and being honest about who we are to you. No tricks. No cheap headlines. In order for us to become effective globally in sharing the Gospel, we ask that the churches recognize the internet as the new mission field and train their congregations to use it.

Our goal at Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC is to bring what God is doing in technology to this site no matter what missionary organization or denomination it comes from. We believe as Christian brothers and sisters that we do evangelism and missions better together.

Don’t be like Kodak and let good advice go unheeded. Instead, find ways to use this new mission field and equip your members with the right tools on discipleship, mentoring, and sharing the Gospel online.

Read the Rest of the IMB article here. 

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