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We have one Social Media Missionary (SMM). SMM’s are kept confidential unless otherwise requested. While we can’t share that person’s stories, we can encourage you to look into serving God from the pew using your computer, tablet, or phone. To encourage you to this end, we share with you a story from the Billy Graham Online Evangelism Website:

“I’ve been battling God and turning my back on Him,” Ariel said. “But I know deep down that I need Him. … I just don’t know where to begin. … I need help in understanding all of this and figuring out how to find purpose again and the truth.”

Ariel knew she had been living a sinful lifestyle and felt unworthy to even ask for forgiveness or the Lord’s help. All she wanted was to start over with Christ—turn a new page. She felt hopeless as insecurity swept over her. READ MORE

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