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“The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a government organization, has released its latest report on Internet usage (link via Google Translate). It claims mobile Internet users reached 557 million as of December 2014, a growth of 11.4 percent from the year before.

It’s important to note that the CNNIC’s report does not break down mobile user by SIM cards, which may skew its findings because dual-SIM phones are popular in China. The figures, however, underscores China’s importance to hardware manufacturers as the world’s largest smartphone market, as borne out by Apple’s latest earnings report and Xiaomi’s relatively quick ascendancy.

Overall, there were a total of 649 million Internet users in the country, marking a steady five percent increase from last year. This brings China’s Internet penetration rate to 47.9 percent.”  READ MORE


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A new appointee with WorldVenture, a missionary organization, who works at FBC Prescott as a church secretary and has joined the world of cybermissions. You can partner with her in ministry, by giving at worldventure.com/nhahn.

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