Code for the Kingdom is a movement to bring together technologists, coders, creatives, and entrepreneurs to solve world problems with technology. Its site says, “A hackathon movement igniting the Christian passion and purpose of technologists and entrepreneurs to innovate culture shaping technologies that would reclaim our times for the Gospel.” From this came many innovative apps like an app to track sex traffickers and Relaverse, a new Bible app from YouVersion (not yet available). In 2015, the Bay Area Hackathon team came up with Slackin’ Church (quoted from their website):

  • Look up any single Bible passage, or multiple passages, using bible: John 3:16; Genesis 1:1 (separate with semi-colons)
    • Intelligently parses Bible verses using common abbreviations so that bible: 1 Cor 13:4-7 also works.
  • Participate in collaborative Bible studies.
  • Churches can offer Bible-in-Slack to read Scripture together during the sermon portion of a worship service. When the pastor says, “Turn with me to BOOK CHAPTER:VERSE,” one person types it in, and the whole congregation is already there. Finally, a Bible lookup that is faster than a physical Bible and any app out there (today, I still flip through my Bible to a particular passage than I can with the YouVersion Bible app).
  • Get daily reminders to pray for a different country or region of the world, content from Operation World’s prayer calendar.
  • Get your daily Scripture reading done right in Slack. Currently set up with Back to the Bible’s 365 chronological reading plan — with more reading plans to come.
  • Share prayer requests, manage and keep track of prayer requests for your small group or accountability groups right in Slack.

    pray4me: For boldness in sharing the gospel to my unbelieving family members.
    pray4: @jontsai @marc @chris.armas – pulls up individual prayer requests, or prompts them to share one if they haven’t, yet.

  • Look up the weather anywhere, any time, right in Slack. weather: San Francisco, CA
  • See all available commands via htk: help


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