BibleTransmission receives emails regularly asking about “how to do mobile ministry.” We cannot tell from the words, “how to do mobile ministry,” exactly what the inquirerMobile-Ministry needs most. People with more mobile experience may need only a few tips while others need training in everything. “Mobile Ministry” is a term that merges several components for mobile outreach, such as mobile technology, biblical content and outreach strategies.

Knowledge Of Technology and Relevant Content Are Needed Most

According to BibleTransmission inquiries, the two most prevalent needs are these: 1. instructions in methods to move content onto mobiles. (In many cases, it would be using the micro SD card without the Internet or a computer.) 2. locations of free biblical materials. If a person does not currently use his mobile for a variety of tasks, he is not likely to know the capabilities for moving content onto mobiles. Just a small amount of information about “how to do mobile ministry” can make an eternity of difference for his entire village.

Indigenous Mobile Missionaries Are Best

Christians in developing nations are the best evangelists. They speak the language and know the culture. If they depend on foreign mission workers alone, countless millions will die without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Below are links to three courses which are designed to help everyone do mobile ministry optimally. Since practically everyone in the world uses a mobile today, millions in non-Christianized nations can be immediately reached with the Gospel of Jesus using both online and offline strategies.


Learn For Yourself In Order To Teach Others

BibleTransmission strongly encourages everyone to take the time and effort to learn or to refresh himself with a Mobile Ministry course. Please consider signing up for a course at one of the following websites:

Mission Media U

Mobile Ministry Forum

Mobile Advance

About Nancy Keel

BibleTransmission is a non-profit organization that helps missionaries share the Gospel to the ends of the earth via mobiles in developing nations. Nancy Keel is the founder of Bible TransMission. At Bible TransMission we show how to share Gospel content to mobiles OFFLINE via Micro SD cards. This is a time tested practice for the mission field. Perfect for short term trips and residing missionaries who want to share culturally relevant media to evangelize or strengthen believers. Visit our website for videos and instruction on transferring files from computer to mobile, and from mobile to mobile. We recently started ONLINE distribution of Gospel content to remote mobiles in developing nations with great success. We run ad campaigns through a mobile ad agency for pennies a click. This is a distribution method that many Christian organizations should consider to increase the exposure of their content or activities internationally.

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