The work force in America is really encountering some challenges.

From The Rise and Fall of Working From Home,

“Employees took advantage of the perk, Laermer said. One was unavailable for hours at a time. Another wouldn’t communicate with co-workers all day, which Laermer found suspicious. The last straw, he said, was when someone refused to come in for a meeting because she had plans to go to the Hamptons. “That was the most unbelievably nervy thing I’d heard in years,” he said.”

Working from home does work, but so does some structure and accountability. As Christians in the tech world, we need to work on communication and, if we are working from home, over-communicate so your boss knows you are working. If you read the rest of this article, it goes on to explain the challenges different bosses encountered with solutions being giving the employees some flexibility of both words.

In the end, we work for God, not man. Whether we work remotely or in a structured office, you are representing Jesus in perhaps a workforce that may not know Him. Your example might be the only church they see. So keep your social media, communication, and work ethics in check with what the Word says. It won’t be perfect, but God will bless our tries.


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