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Reaching the Remote

Before, the only way to effectively be a missionary was to have people on the ground ministering in person. With the changes in technology, it is no longer important to be face-to-face to deliver God’s word to people in remote places.

The gospel of Jesus Christ can be delivered now in ways that people would have never imagined before. In the past, people have had access to mobile technology, but language barriers got in the way of them being able to receive their blessing. There are not enough missionaries to reach everyone on earth, so we have to come up with new and creative ways to spread God’s word. This is how we define mobile evangelism. With the earth’s population of 7 billion people, if there were one million missionaries preaching every day, that would be only one missionary for every 7,000 people. With today’s technology, the footwork can be eliminated.

Gospel Stories

With gospel stories in an audio format, we can reach people in remote places with ease. The story does not have to be long – a little bit of gospel can go a long way! Using short stories and transmitting them in small files, we have the ability to transmit God’s word in a format that won’t use up all of their mobile memory and in a form that is compact and unaffected by slower immobile internet speeds. Getting a small piece of the Gospel might be exactly what someone in a remote place needs to begin a relationship with Christ.

The process to get these stories to the people is simple – it begins with them seeing a mobile advertisement and clicking it to find out more. The mobile advertisement might say “Free Bible Story,” and will direct them to our mobile website that tells them a story about Jesus. The stories are written in their language – Arabic, Mandarin, and a variety of other languages are available for them to get God’s word in a language they understand. After that story, they have the ability to travel to more links to get more of what God has to say to them through our site.

It is estimated that 85% of users in remote locations utilize phones with an Android operating system or feature phone that are capable of downloading mp3s. With the ability to transfer files, some people will take the initiative to transfer the digital files over to the mobile devices of people they know. With Bluetooth transfers and other file sharing methods, the mobile Gospel files have the ability to go mobile with ease and efficiency without a person ever having to log on to the internet via computer.

Helping Missionaries & Mobile Evangelism defined

Because of the ease of use and mobility of these files, missionaries in the field would find these files essential to their mission of spreading God’s word to people in remote places.

Please find instructions on BibleTransmission’s website that can assist them in becoming a “Mobile Evangelist” and being their journey in transmitting audio Gospel stories.

As funding allows, BibleTransmission will offer ads for many more developing nations to gain access to God’s word. We want to reach as many places as we can, expose as many people as we can to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to continue to define evangelism our own way.

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