2 Timothy’s study guide says, “Paul was concerned about the welfare of the churches during this time of persecution under Nero, and he admonishes Timothy to guard the gospel (1:14), to persevere in it (3:14), to keep on preaching it (4:2) and, if necessary, to suffer for it (1:8, 2:3). (Zondervan NIV Study Bible).”

Cataclysm Missions International has always kept the mission of its founding in the forefront of the battle. We wish to mobilize the church to get their congregations online; others to sign on as Writers, Social Media Missionaries, or Community Volunteers to reach the unbeliever, the hurt by church, and the unchurched; and churches to look at social media as a tool for missions, not as marketing a brand. And in light of the recent ruling on gay marriage by SCOTUS, our mission hasn’t changed. We ask you, as believers, to consider what Mark 10:21 starts with, “Jesus looked at him and loved him…”

No matter how much the ruling from SCOTUS depresses or embitters us, we MUST continue to check our anger at the throne.

So this is what CMI encourages you to do from this day forward:

  1. Sign Up with Perspectives.org and learn about how to reach your community online and in real life.
  2. Audit your social media. Are you responding from a place of love while staying true to Biblical values?
  3. Do you volunteer at your local church? Are you helping them reach the community?

The SCOTUS ruling is a wake up call for Christians. If you go to church, sit in a pew, and go home, then Monday through Saturday act like any secular would, not taking the opportunities to share the Gospel and how Jesus has changed your life, you may be stagnating and part of the problem.

Any ministry out there should ask one question: Is my ministry a transforming ministry or are am I feeding a problem?

As 2 Timothy 4:5 says, “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.”

Keep your head, friends!

A Couple of Articles to Encourage You On Your Journey:

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