A Problogger member said:

“Two years ago, I had a post receive thousands of views and hundreds of shares. But here’s the really great part: every year at the same time, that post shows up in their feeds again in their “On This Day” section. And the sharing begins again. My traffic is up 1,400% over the last 3 days.”

A follow up on this statement came from Content Marketing Institute in, “5 Editorial Experiments You May Want to Try,” 

“…And republished posts – whether changed minimally or significantly – perform similarly. Our republished posts typically are some of the top-performing posts each month, generating high subscribers, traffic, and social share metrics.”

Do two things to get your message to your audience:

  • Privately, encourage your friends to publicly share your blog posts (or sermons) on Facebook.
  • Re-publish your best posts. Memories are short these days. Do a short video re-hashing in devotional-style what you taught last year at your Bible Study or on Sunday to your congregation. In fact, don’t tell them it’s from last year.

Trying to keep up with so many different trends in SEO, blogging, and webinars can give the part time online person a small headache and an over-run email account she can’t possibly clear out fast enough. No one reads everything you write. Re-publishing posts are a great way for us to catch up on the latest when we missed it the first time as well as causing it to show up on someone’s Facebook years later. This saves you time so you can engage someone in Gospel conversations instead, letting the technology do the work for you.

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