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The church is a living organism, and a project, like a church, is also a living thing.

We list and endorse projects here that embrace CMI’s vision and statement of beliefs. These ideas are movements that we pray inspire others to begin a movement in their own area, and change society and the church through the vision of these projects.

  • Projects involve and inspire people.
  • They are free.
  • They move people towards the Gospel and inspire people to GO.
  • They can inspire people towards deeper worship through focus on missions, evangelism, or service.

If you would like us to embrace your idea for a project or are running a ministry in your area that you want to inspire others to start elsewhere, please query us at

The project must meet this criteria:

  • Your project must abide by our statement of beliefs.
  • It must shake hands with the vision of CMI. You can get a better idea of our vision by reading our blogs, looking through our categories, and reading our history.
  • You must lead it or partner with someone in leading it. There are usually more ideas than there are volunteers.
  • A project leader must have available contact information to list with the project. The project leader is the person we and others contact.
  • Quarterly updates must be given to CMI on the project’s progress. Non-confidential stuff will be shared in CMI’s blog as a way to advertise your project to the world and to show the exciting things God is doing in your project. It is meant to further inspire participation and prayer in a project.
  • The leader must be a believer (not involved in the Mormon Church or in any other false religion or cult).
  • A project leader determines what group gets listed on his or her page.

The Church is changing. She’s been too comfortable in her pew on Sunday mornings. People are hungry for the truth. They are hungry for purpose.

For too long, the church has let a few individuals carry the bulk of evangelism, missions, and service. Projects are a creative way to become involved with CMI if Social Media Missionary work, writing, or becoming a Community Volunteer are too much.

Projects give you a creative outlet to slowly change your community and become aware of what God is inviting you to do in the kingdom.

Please take a look at the following endorsed projects and pray for them. Consider how you might invest your time. If you wish to start your own group under one of these projects, please contact the appropriate project leader with your information. Listing requests get approved by the project leaders and the project leaders contact CMI with the new listing.


Current Projects

The following projects are endorsed by CMI


Dead Fathers Society Logo




The Bible Study Project



How do We Reach The 360 Unreached People Groups in the US?

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