It is our stance that fake news doesn’t help a Christian’s case. Our definition of fake news is conspiracy sites and stories that have no evidence except that which is generated on photo shop or by opinion. The problem with fake news sites being the newest target of Google and Facebook is what determines that a site is fake?

The internet should remain free, and it is not fake news sites that are the problem. We are the problem.

We should be more discerning on what we share both spiritually and politically. Never take a site by its word. If they can’t prove their case with good evidence, the site should be considered fake by us and not shared.

However, if a conglomerate can designate a website or social media site as a fake news site, then we must ask them how they measure a site as fake? What does a site have to do to end up on that list? America is as divided as ever and it is our position that, while fake news sites are bothersome and make us look bad, censoring will eventually affect everyone.

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