Our world is ever growing as a secondary oral society. This is why videos and images with a limited amount of written words are the most popular and get noticed on social media. In reading this article, two things can be learned from it:

  1. A missionary must write often to keep friends, family and supporters updated. You can’t write less often in this new world of technology without ending up in someone’s spam folder or lost among the other things people are subscribed to, and the newsletters come more often and shorter so they can be scanned in a few minutes. Smart phone friendly newsletters are important. Most people are using their phones to read and watch videos more than a tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  2. Photography is important. It tells the stories in more than words and has an emotional impact on your viewers.

Churches need to take note, too, as your supporters are people like me who tithe. We want to be excited about what is going on in our church home. When you receive a new believer, give out hundreds of food boxes, or shared an intimate moment that only a camera can capture, we want to hear about it. We want to get excited, too. We are a part of a bigger story. We want to hear about what God is doing through your ministry. Involve us. Talk to us.

Read this article to learn more: 

One of the most difficult parts of being called abroad is the distance between family and friends.  Being thousands of miles away from your loved ones is undoubtedly challenging, but the double-edged sword that is social media can help ease this.  Though it can be an unnecessary distraction, it can also be a great way to keep loved ones (and donors) up-to-date on life overseas.  Missionaries can attest that as they gradually acquire more culture, they become changed themselves.  Now, the ability exists for those closest to you to see that change as it happens. Listed below are five simple tips for shaping social presence into a striking global timeline.

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