Marketing is a lot like evangelism, except we’re not trying to sell Jesus like a product or a magic pill to swallow to roll back the bad choices you made in your life. We simply have to use the same tools to compete in the secular world for your attention. No one likes to put in a lot of work on their blog, telling their story, and have no one read it.

So those of us who use social media and technology for missions must work just as hard as a marketer to compete in the online marketplace. Only, we’re not selling anything. We just want to build a community of faith online that you’ll love to be a part of, and we hope, if you are a believer, that you’ll feel inspired to use the technology to invest in the souls online who need your companionship and prayers. One of the things I like to tell people to read is, Copy Blogger.

Copy Blogger is a content marketing company that teaches people how to use their blogs and guest posts more effectively. Here is the latest article from them:

There’s a certain type of client who’s naturally drawn to Amy Butcher’s work. And there’s a certain type of client Amy Butcher is naturally drawn to.The common thread? Amy helps nonprofits, research institutes, and public sector agencies craft ultra-effective content. Her words help them get more support and more donations. Her words help them change the world. READ MORE


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