“Your Identity in Christ and How to Weather Persecution in Our World”
A Study in 1 Peter
Teacher: Gaye Austin

Begins August 3 on Thursdays at 6 pm MST or 8 pm CST and goes through the month of August via Zoom video chat.

Feel free to register with the Bible app we are using to familiarize yourself with it. This is optional. You can use whatever Bible App or a paper Bible during this study.

We use Zoom for the study. Zoom is a video chat. While you can join by phone, we prefer you join by video. A new video link to join the study will be sent via our newsletter and posted on CMI’s Facebook and Twitter page. You can join our newsletter here.

When you talk about who you are, what do you say?

  • “I am a Democrat.”
  • “I am a Republican.”
  • “I am a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic…”
  • “I am a _______________.”

What would happen if you changed that narrative in your head? What if you understood where you came from and who made you? What if you truly understood what the words adopted and created, and truly understood love? What if you learned you have never been alone?

Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC presents a new online Bible Study, taught by Gaye Austin. Gaye Austin manages the bible.org Facebook page and is one of the writers for Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC. Bible.org offers a FREE online Bible Study tool called Lumina which you can access here or here. To make notes and highlight verses, you must create a login to have an account (accessible on the Lumina upper right corner).

If you’d like to participate in our Bible Study, this is how it works:

  • You can use the Lumina Bible Study App (we encourage you to register on it). This will be used during the study. Or you can use your own preferred version whether paper or electronic.
  • On the time and day of the meeting, click on the Zoom link you were given in the Bible Study Project Newsletter. Your computer will install the Zoom app and open a window. Make sure your web cam is on.
  • This operates like Skype, but with screen sharing. You will be face-to-face, talking and participating in the Study.
  • Some homework is given from time to time.
  • Sign up to receive updates about our Bible Study here.
  • Join our Facebook Group here.

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