In our last post, we were reminded that Jeremiah, a famous prophet, said “Your words were found and I ate them, and Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart.”

New disciples, like the Samaritan villagers who heard and met the Messiah, wanted to know more about this Jesus they have decided to believe in and follow. They have questions, and as disciple guides, we must lead them to the answers. It begins when we encourage them to find their answers, not from us, but from God’s Word.

  • Help them set up a daily reading log using one of the many reading plans you can find online.
  • Choose one that you and they can read together (note from CMI: you can use Skype, Vsee, Google plus, Facebook groups, etc to conduct this meeting, even snapchat). 
  • Have them keep a journal of their thoughts and, as you meet weekly, share your thoughts.

Here’s an example using the daily reading from John 3, and how you might share insights for your new disciple. Model the reading and exploration with them. After reading, talk and write about what God showed you and them. Introduce the acronym “S-P-E-C-K” as a way to look at this scripture and all other passages. You can use the chart seen in the footnotes and move to a journal entry.

S – Sin to confess and avoid
P – Promise to claim and keep
E – Example to follow
C – Command to obey
K – Knowledge about God

Here’s an example of a new believer’s John 3 journal excerpt:

How much like Nicodemus I am. He came at night, not wanting anyone to know he was there talking to the Rabbi. I want my time private, too. I am even like Nicodemus looking for answers. Jesus said Nicodemus you have a sickness in your soul and Jesus is saying the same thing about me. I do feel sick and I do need and want help. Nicodemus needed a new birth or a new start. Nicodemus asked how can I begin again? I don’t understand it either but I am reading and thinking. Jesus said I have a promise for you and it is this: eternal life. I am not sure what that means but he told Nicodemus and he is telling me that I would be saved through him and no longer feel condemned. I so want that and need that. As I read this I see that God sent his only Son for me and if I just take a step towards him I will be forever changed. I wonder if Nicodemus did that? Vs 16 is precious: God loved the world and that includes me. How can he love me? Why does he love me? These are answers I need to find.

Encourage your disciple(s) to write their personal thoughts and questions. Pray that God will give you discernment on how to proceed. It all begins with the Word and the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control).

Following that, encourage them to share their thoughts with another. As Andrew went and found Peter, so your disciple should find one person with whom they can share what they have learned; it can be another believer or a non-believer. The step is what the woman at the well said to the villagers: “come and see” what the Lord has shown me.


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