Next Door is an app designed to bring the people in your neighborhood together. It’s not a Christian app, but a secular tool. It’s free. When you sign up, you go through a series of questions and you must put in your address. You can also choose the boundaries of your neighborhood and send out email and paper invites. The paper invites are free up to about 60 people. You click on the house addresses on the map to send out the paper invites.

Your profile can have some interests and a photo. You can choose to put your exact address or simply the street name only. Christians and ministry leaders should be encouraged to use this tool.

  • Your Church: Make a church profile and mark the neighborhoods around it; or join a neighborhood that’s near your church. Post Bible Studies, be helpful to others, look for service opportunities, etc.
  • You: Start a Bible Study in your neighborhood, a social potluck, cookie exchange, or backyard bonfire.
  • Missionaries: Get to know your community in your area. It doesn’t work in other countries. This is for state-side missionaries.

When you sign up and you successfully get people to register, you will learn what people groups live in your neighborhood through online connections. If you invite people from your neighborhood, ask people lots of questions. Be interested in them.

The Cons

  • Be careful about importing email addresses. Click the wrong button and you send it to everyone on your email.
  • Because so many pedophiles live in neighborhoods, you take risks for the Gospel. Still, be friendly. Be loving. They, too, deserve to know Christ or help in finding groups that can help him or her overcome that illness.

Today, unless you have children, but even then, most people don’t interact with their neighbors. We stay shut up in our homes, go to work, and come home. Society insists we must do everything all the time. Let’s make sure one of the things we are doing is meeting our neighbors.


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