51h3ZBUVg4L._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_This book has just been released by Christopher Yuan, Moody Bible Professor. This is missions, too. How do we love others well and stand for truth? One of our writers has chosen to buy this book to get to know the otherside of the issue. How do we love them? How do we forgive the militants who are forcing their issue on us? That’s really the core the issue, I think. The lifestyle is on our television, in our schools, and when we tell them it is wrong, they can’t see it. To them, we are pushing our morals on them.

What about the transgender? Those that regret their choices or those that feel stuck?

If a sin is the same as other sins, why are we friends with people living together out of wedlock, but can’t be friends with people in the LGBT lifestyle?

A Review will be forthcoming here.









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