A Social Media Mentor is the online friend a person needs. It’s about individually creating community with a handful of people, mentoring, and answering questions when the Holy Spirit prods them.

A partial list of things a Social Media Mentor with CMI is encouraged to do: 

  • If a person has a physical need, the Social Media Mentor locates a Christian ministry in their area and arranges for the person to pick up a food box, financial help, etc from that Christian ministry. The idea is to have a face-to-face friend in their area.
  • If a person becomes a first time believer, the Social Media Mentor helps them find a church and a pastor to talk to about their new belief.
  • Some questions are just rabbit trails and distractions from the real questions. The Social Media Mentor chooses which questions to answer and which to answer later.

CMI creates a secure chat area for the Social Media Mentor to interact with other Social Media Mentors to pray for their efforts, each other, and to help figure out a new direction. We do not ask the Social Media Mentors to break confidentiality except in cases of physical harm or abuse. There is accountability with having a Social Media Mentor. He or she ensures that the ball isn’t dropped.

Being a “friend” is more involved than simply showing up one time to pray for someone. As a Social Media Mentor, you make sure that a new believer gets connected with a pastor or deacon, a ministry worker that will help them fulfill a physical need like financial help or a food box, and guide the person you are mentoring¬†through possibly painful moments. If the conversation becomes inappropriate, the Social Media Mentor is instructed to copy all communication with CMI as protection or, in some cases, stop all communication with the individual.

All Social Media Mentors abide by our Statement of Beliefs as written in our operation agreement.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or talk to us on social media. We are looking for volunteers.


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