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Matthew 4:19 is well quoted, and I have read it repeatedly over the years, but on the evening of the Hackathon, the verse took on new meaning for me.

“Come, follow me,” he (Jesus) said, “and I’ll show you how to fish for people. (Matthew 4:19). I will show you how to fish for people, caught my heart. Verse 20 says, “Right away, they left their nets and followed him.”

How to fish for people, including how to use Adwords, coding, or any other technological ways to, as Pastor Wayne said a few weeks ago, be an ambassador for Christ. To do this, use the tools the culture uses well to live out loud online. As an appointee with Worldventure, living out loud means allowing my social media to reflect my private life’s journey so others may see my actions, not just my words, mistakes and all.

In the writing world, we call that showing people a protagonists’ character. Rather than saying, Mr. Jones was a nice man, a writer would show it through the character’s actions. Examples would be describing Mr. Jones’ generosity on a busy day with his time or money. In the same way, you can use social media to show you are a Christian, and not through bragging.

This can be accomplished in various ways:

  • Being generous with your comments on someone else’s status. 
  • Telling someone on private message or publicly, or via text that you are praying for their request. 
  • Sending a private email to ask for an update on a prayer request sent out. 
  • Watching tone on discussions so your passion does not come across as anger. It’s okay to discuss politics or religion. Let’s do it nicely without calling someone else “unChristian” on a public forum. 
  • Sharing verifiable stories, learning to be a credible source, and be known as a Christian who doesn’t take a headline at face value. 
  • Using social media to be accountable for your actions. 
  • Allowing a few friends to be your reality check. 
  • Thinking before publishing your thoughts, “How does God’s lesson reflect in this statement, and does it reflect well on the church (the body)?” 
  • How is the Bible guiding you in your daily life?
  • How are you building people up at work who are on your social media? That’s a mission field, too. 
  • Are you practicing biblical guidelines of confrontation and keeping most things offline, dealing with them face-to-face? 
Because social media can be used from your living room to reach across the globe to other countries and other people groups, it is important people consider taking a missions course, like Perspectives, at some point in their lives. 
This missions course can be applied to people groups in your community and through online conversations. It’s not just for those thinking about serving in another country, but for you and me, too. Because there are 82 unreached people groups in the United States (10,575,000), we would be a poor steward of our time if we did not use every tool in our culture to reach those who need to hear the message of Salvation. 
So cast a wide net and learn to fish for people. 

About Nikole Hahn

A new appointee with WorldVenture, a missionary organization, who works at FBC Prescott as a church secretary and has joined the world of cybermissions. You can partner with her in ministry, by giving at

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