• “Take a look at these 7 ideas about how to share your faith with Muslims. For more from Tass Saada, check out his new book, The Mind of Terror: A Former Muslim Sniper Explores What Motivates ISIS and Other Extremist Groups (and how best to respond).” READ MORE
  • “We recently gave a talk about change. At the start of the Q&A session, one young woman’s hand shot up. She brightly said into the microphone: “I am someone who loves change! I embrace change! I welcome change!” She then paused, and asked a poignant yet plaintive question: “But how can I make sure that all this change doesn’t disrupt my day?” READ MORE
  • “You cannot measure your worth by your twitter followers.  Your sheep don’t need you to be culturally relevant.  Our culture is marked with loneliness, isolation, lack of friendship and intimacy, broken relationships, boredom, feelings of emptiness and depressions, and deep sense of uselessness.  A culturally relevant shepherd will lead his sheep off a cliff.” READ MORE

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