When you talk about a pastor, is the first thing you mention in praise about him who he voted for or what party he aligns himself with? One of the most telling things we hear from people talking about their churches or pastors is how righteous they were for voting __________ or that the latest proposition was talked about in Sunday School. Christians even use the words “Snowflake,” considered by most as derogatory or name-calling.

If that’s what we use on our social media, we will keep mostly, if not all, “friends” who agree with our line of thought, instead of reaching out to our global community to share the Gospel. One pastor even challenged us, “Are we American first or Christian first?” If we use the word, “Snowflake,” to describe someone who has a melt down while disagreeing with us, how is this changing her mind or opening up lines of communication to share the Gospel with her?

Instead, when we talk about someone or a pastor, we should share how he sticks to the Word of God and doesn’t stray from it and how he loves his local and global community and tries to encourage his congregation to think outside the box in communicating with them. Politics are great discussions if you can do it in a way where the other person feels like they have a right to choose and that their opinion is respected. When President Obama was elected, conservatives cried. When President Trump was elected, liberals had a melt down. Can we learn how to talk to each other again? 

Questions to ask: 

  • How are you?
  • Did you see the game yesterday?
  • I went to church yesterday and learned __________________.
  • How are you feeling? I heard you had surgery. Do you need anything?

The next time you are on your social media, do an audit. Think about how to share the Gospel in a contextual manner so they understand. When matters of Biblical importance come up for vote, you can share about this and encourage them to vote according to the Word of God. Just don’t confuse politics and biblical principles. They aren’t the same.

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