Voice matters. Loyalty, then, could be defined as the emotion that sways us to speak up when we’re tempted to walk away instead. – Seth Godin

When faced with obstacles, loyalty (as Seth Godin articulates) is not drawing your eyes to your feet and walking away or keeping silent. Ecclesiastes 3:7 would agree there is, “…a time to tear and a time to mend; a time to be silent and a time to speak.” Change only happens when someone finds the courage to speak and share in an agreeable manner what is on their heart. Loyalty is working within the system until you can’t work within the system. It’s going as far as you are able before walking away becomes the only open door. Hopefully, the last resort, not a default mechanism ingrained since childhood.

Whatever you face to creating new and innovative ministries in your churches and organizations, remember that nothing changes unless you speak up. Be open to others’ ideas. Be open to change in your own mind. And always go with prayer! Without prayer, it’s a man-powered task. With God, it is God-powered.

Stay excited. We live in exciting times.  


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