This review was written after doing some research on people’s responses to her overnight success. We hope it encourages you to think past the overnight success and look at how you can serve online by her example. In our experience, blogging is hard work. Making videos is a creative process. When someone succeeds, let’s celebrate with them.

Candace Payne picked up a mask of Chewbacca in the clearance section of Kohls and broke Facebook live video records for most watched. Most of the comments we researched indicated that her video positively impacted them in some way.

Why do some people get instant success and others may only garner minimal success with much work?

This is social media ministry. In a time when our country is deeply divided, laughter is the best medicine. Half a million dollars later, Candace shares her story in her new book, “Laugh It Up.” This book shares her story and her heart in bringing joy to people who grew up or endured the kind of circumstances she writes about. The book was not written in an engaging way to continue reading (we could see it as a series of Youtube videos, but not as a literary piece), but her video is something worth remembering.

For a world that needs more laughter, this book may be for you. For those serving online, this book carries a lesson. It doesn’t matter if you make money on a video or you do it for free. It doesn’t matter whether the world considers you a success or that you are invisible. It matters what you do with your social media and how you serve others with it. Whether your followers are millions or just three, how are you serving them? How are you praying for them? How are you pointing them to Jesus?

Please pray Candace’s words help others learn their value in Christ. We do encourage you to read the note from her Pastor. It’s on the last page.

This book was given free to review. No review was posted on Amazon. 

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