We have a Facebook group for people not interested in serving with us (or are serving with us), but interested in learning more about how to use the technology for missions and evangelism. This group is set to secret and is only open to believers. CMI believes we shouldn’t publish our best tools to the rest of the world and teach others how to reach people for their false cults or religions, but educate our own people.

To join this group, email admin@cataclysmmissionsintl.com and let us know the following:

  • Your email that you used to open up a Facebook so we can add you to the group.
  • Two paragraphs minimum explaining what you believe and how you came to believe it. Include what church you currently attend.

We will add you to our Facebook group where you can feel free to contribute your findings, too, on how to serve online, use technology to spread the Gospel, and how to engage people. Believers around the world are encouraged to join.

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