india_mobile_evangelistsIs Christian evangelism going out of style? According to a 2013 study conducted by the Barna Group, if you are an evangelical Christian in the United States, the answer is an astounding,“NO!” For mainliners, the number drops to around 56%. Catholics are reported at 34%, while Protestants in general are around 64%.

In this article, the Millennials in the US have taken on the challenge of bring as many people to Christ as they can by sharing God’s message, raising from 56% to 65% in the past 3 years.

“They’ve been called ‘The Social Justice’ generation, and for good reason. Millennials are actively taking up the cause of the poor, the oppressed, the orphan and the widow.”

With their numbers declining 14% from 2010 to 2013, US middle-income families have not continued to evangelize. Low-income families, however, have continued to share and preach the gospel faithfully at 57%.

When studying these statistics in developing nations, these numbers are drastically different. This happens because lower income families are the norm in these regions. Also, most developing nations have other religions that already have a strong presence, making Christian evangelism more difficult. When encountering believers of these different faiths, Christian beliefs can sometimes garner a hostile response from people who are adherents to alternative beliefs.

The way Christianity is presented to people can make a substantial difference in the way that it’s received. In non-Westernized nations, like India, group settings and large meetings are better environments to teach people about the gospel rather than one-on-one. Since this in an area where the name of Jesus is rarely heard, Indian people find Christianity attractive because of the ability to believe in miracles which often happen. Because of the staggering needs of many for the essentials to survive, Christians and their belief that God will supply their needs through faith attracts people to listen more. It’s found that reaching an entire village at the same time is the secret to successfully evangelizing in these types of areas. This makes it so they can receive knowledge and salvation all together. See this video:

How does Christian evangelism differ depending on where you are evangelizing? A Christian school in India may be the instrument to reach children and their families for Christ. In a Western setting, however, the children and their families are usually already Christians. See this link here.

A Christian health clinic in Kenya may be the means to reach distant populations for Christ. Spiritual health issues, in addition to physical health issues, can be answered and expanded on at the same time (i.e. questions about witch doctors, etc.). See this article.

Christian evangelism through the use of diverse methods is a very successful concept. While nations with more resources have the ability to purchase inspirational books, CD’s, and films, poorer nations don’t have the ability to go to a local bookstore to receive God’s word. They are being reached and taught through individual ministries, Christian schools, Christian clinics, and/or Christian relief agencies.

The most recent, universal, and largest evangelistic tool at hand, however, is MOBILE technology. Almost every adult person on earth has a mobile device, and tapping into that technology is an efficient way to bring more souls to Christ. Many Bible materials – whether text, audio or video – are readily and freely available online, if someone would take the time to download them and copy them to mobile devices. Every evangelist needs to add “mobile evangelism” to their outreach methods. It will greatly fortify their work as deliverers of the gospel. What would Jesus do?

About Nancy Keel

BibleTransmission is a non-profit organization that helps missionaries share the Gospel to the ends of the earth via mobiles in developing nations. Nancy Keel is the founder of Bible TransMission. At Bible TransMission we show how to share Gospel content to mobiles OFFLINE via Micro SD cards. This is a time tested practice for the mission field. Perfect for short term trips and residing missionaries who want to share culturally relevant media to evangelize or strengthen believers. Visit our website for videos and instruction on transferring files from computer to mobile, and from mobile to mobile. We recently started ONLINE distribution of Gospel content to remote mobiles in developing nations with great success. We run ad campaigns through a mobile ad agency for pennies a click. This is a distribution method that many Christian organizations should consider to increase the exposure of their content or activities internationally.

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