Abigail is using blogger to inspire people to missions. Please take a look and learn from her as she posts about her internship in Japan.  She only uses her first name on the post thereby hiding her identity. Although it doesn’t appear to be religious in nature with only one reference to a church and its founder, Abigail appears to use this account as a way to communicate with those who donated to her trip.

If you were going to another country, you could start a blog using a psuedonym or perhaps only your first name. You could post as at tourist (as in Abigail’s case) or you can be more spiritual. Blogger and WordPress are invaluable tools for the missionary.

You shouldn’t treat your social media, blogs, or newsletters as only ways to communicate with donors or to just raise funds. It’s a tool to inspire the church to send or go and help reach the other 16,500 unreached people groups in the world.

If you have time today, encourage Abigail, a college student, in her trip by leaving a comment.


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