Google church websites, Christian authors, missions, or ministries, and there are too many to count. Some of them may be wolves in sheep’s clothing, but all of them operate individually. In the movie called, “When God Left The Building,” it showed how pastors sold their books at their church and did book signings at church. The pressure to “sell” by established publishers make writers marketers.

A pastor has hundreds or thousands of followers–a ready-made audience. So he does what makes sense–stocks his book at his church and does a book signing. He justifies it through the thought that his message would be great for his congregation. He wants to change the world. But when a congregation member at a mega church has to buy two books and stand in line to have him sign it just to talk to her pastor, something is wrong.

Christian ministries operate individually on the surface. Occasionally, Church pastors of all denominations meet together to pray. This is not advertised. So the disunity is more apparent according to public perception. Websites on churches sometimes tend to insinuate that they are the only church doing what they do right. If someone attends two churches, they are looked on as strange. It seems if you go to a church, one must only do that church’s activities and Bible Studies, but what if your church doesn’t do something that another church offers? Why not advertise and direct people to go to that other church for that Bible study?

CMI is about holistic ministry: mind, body, and soul. It’s online ministry working in tandem with real life ministry. We work with Baptists, Lutherans, and all sorts provided they align with CMI’s basic beliefs.

A missionary from Missions Door could write for us, putting his fundraising information in the bio while another missionary from WorldVenture could do the same. So we would have two missionaries from two mission organizations writing for CMI. The Community Volunteer could gather a variety of believers from Baptist, Lutheran, or non-denominational for the prayer movement in their area. The name tags they wear identify their unique churches which shows unity. The Online Social Media Missionary could be from a variety of denominations. Each doesn’t promote their own church, but finds a way for a new believer to find discipleship and a local congregation for fellowship with other believers in real life. The body of the holistic mission comes in when we help a person connect with a ministry in that person’s area to fulfill a need like job skills training, clothes, food, or financial help. It’s about asking each pastor, ministry leader, missionary, and Christian writer to work together in a network that connects people with real life from online. This is why I have a links page.

If you don’t want to serve with us, why not with someone from our links page?

But the beauty of our organization is how you could be a missionary with iteams and work for us, too. This organization was created with the busy Christian in mind as well as a full-time ministry leader. That is how a church body works together across denominational lines.



About Nikole Hahn

A new appointee with WorldVenture, a missionary organization, who works at FBC Prescott as a church secretary and has joined the world of cybermissions. You can partner with her in ministry, by giving at

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