As we travel around the country each year, one of the most common questions people ask us is, “Do you have any advice on how to minister to my Mormon friends/family?” To preface this, there is no “magic bullet” point that you can bring up that will impact every Mormon person the same. There are a number of different elements that contribute to what would be the right thing to say to a certain person in a certain situation. Each person, relationship, circumstance, and environment is different. Because of this, we have compiled a list of general guidelines that may help as you minister to your Mormon friends and family. These ideas come from our years of experience having been raised Mormon, as well as approaches that we have implemented in our own ministry as we have reached out to the LDS people over the years. Our desire is to help you minister with greater power in the Holy Spirit, clarity and love to your LDS friends and family. READ MORE

Are you a former Mormon? Are you ready to evangelize? We are looking for people equipped to educate Christians how to reach people from different false cults or religions. Email: to query. We are also looking for Social Media Missionaries with a background in false cults or religions to enroll with us. You can be from different missionary organizations, churches, etc as long as your organization is in line with our statement of beliefs.

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