Empower our Senior Adults through-1

People shy away from simply telling the story of their Salvation.

“I’m not a writer,” someone said.

“I’m too old.” Another comments.

“I’m too busy.” Someone thinks as they ignore the nudge to talk to someone they don’t know.

“I don’t understand technology and I’m stuck in this house because of my illness.” Another cries. “How can I be useful?”

“My daughter does all that. I don’t need to.” She frowns.

A gap between young and old is widening. The young need the wisdom of the older. The older need the youth and vibrancy of the younger. Both have stories to tell. As a church, we need each other. So how can you share your story, especially if you are shy?

  1. Video: Use your mobile phone to tell how Christ has impacted your life. Share this on all your social networks.
  2. Social Media: Learn to use your social media to engage the friends you have on that list. Use your social media as an extension of your private self. Let them SEE how you live. Share your thoughts on Christ.
  3. Pray With People: Praying is such an intimate thing and so simple. Your friend is thinking about doing drugs. Ask to pray with him.
  4. Venture into the community with someone more experienced and learn alongside another evangelist.
  5. Take Small Steps: You will never have to fear not having the right words. The Holy Spirit will always provide the words you need for that moment.
  6. Be Available: God likes to bring people to us who need to hear our stories. Are you ready to share it?

You are not too old.

You don’t have to be a writer. Be yourself.

The Bible doesn’t say we are ever to quit or retire from reaching people for the Gospel.

Don’t be too busy.

Ask someone to help you with technology. We invite those who are homebound to, not just pray for us, but to get involved. Use your social media. Don’t just stalk silently.



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