Reality Check: Just because you publish news about your church on a website or put it on a Facebook, that doesn’t mean it automatically makes the world stop and notice.

The behind the scenes work in circulating information is dependent upon social media, website use, and YOU.

So, how can YOU help your church succeed in their mission? 

  • Share the images and statuses from your church’s Facebook page.
  • Images and videos receive the most shares and likes. This is because people who are younger will be more apt to read what you are writing if there is an image or video with it. Want to get your younger friends to come to your church or show interest in it? Do this simple task. Instagram is a smart phone app that is most popular with the younger crowd, besides WhatsApp, Viber, Tumblr and Snapchat.
  • Take selfies of yourself at church events with your friends and share why you are there and what makes that event special to you.
  • When special events happen, invite a friend to come with you. Maybe pay for their ticket, too, if you can afford it. 
  • Share your sermon notes on Facebook and check in on Facebook to your church. This is both showing what your church is teaching and sharing your faith with others on your friend list, causing conversation (just make sure your smart phone or tablet is on silent during the service; or share after service if you are uncertain how to silence your phone or tablet).
  • When holiday events happen at your church, take advantage of the opportunity to make printed invitations, or use the ones they provide, to add to a plate of cookies or a hospitality gift to invite your neighbors to service.
  • Download the YouVersion or Bible Gateway app on your smart phone or tablet, and during service (while the phone or tablet is on silent, of course), share scripture on your social media with your friends while checking in to your church.
  • Your church’s videos can also be shared periodically with a two-sentence introduction to encourage attendance at your church and witness to unbelievers.

We stress one important point: Helping your church market is not what makes someone decide to attend your church. While you are sharing, remember that you must engage people in conversation. It’s through that relationship they will know the Jesus you know and see your church through your eyes. Social Media is showing your church’s love, compassion, and truth rather than telling.

Tech Tip: Go to your church’s Facebook page, hit the “like” button and a drop down menu will show up. On this, hit “see first.” This way, your church’s Facebook announcements will show up among the first things you see when you login to Facebook.

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