Global Media Outreach began their cybermissions endeavor in 2004. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Society has done a great job in global cybermissions. From the pulpit, the regular church attender isn’t aware of the almost 30,000 indications of decision on the first or of the stories of discipleship on the latter except on the face-to-face level. Cataclysm Missions International LLC would like to change this.

Cataclysm Missions International LLC (CMI) is calling all missions-minded people in the media, in church, and those who already work in cybermissions to consider the following in ways they can join us to bring awareness of cybermissions to the pulpit:

  • Write for us and represent your cybermissions ministry. Teach the regular Christian to be creative, about false cults and religions, how to use technology and social media, and theology.
  • Join our Community Volunteers. They teach tech to churches and ministries, represent us in their area, and host prayer movements, too. So many possibilities in this arena from helping the homebound get online to share what God has done in their life to church congregations who wish to be mobilized. You help churches plan training and get them excited for how technology is being used currently.
  • Ever wanted the help and support of an organization as you use your one social media for missions? CMI will train you, keep you encouraged, and pray for your efforts. You can do this outside of your own day job or while serving as a missionary elsewhere.
  • Come from a false cult or religion, like Mormonism or was a New Age believer? Consider writing for us and help others witness to people trapped in deception.

Let’s turn from educating just the leadership in the church to use social media to market a brand in church to mobilizing the congregation through our on the ground efforts to go online. Last year, over 80,000 Mormon missionaries went online with more coming this year. You can’t dispute that they do a great job using media to communicate their message both literally and visually.

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