How Technology Meets Face-to-Face

Verge had an article called, “10 Simple Ways to be Missional.” We decided to go through Tim Chester’s great list and relate this to technology.

  1. Eat With Other People: “Meals are a powerful expression of welcome and community,” says Tim Chester. Here are some things to think of:
    • Put Away Your Tablets and Phones: Make eye contact while you are eating with someone. Making eye contact and paying attention to their words are listening skills. It says to them they are valued. Getting distracted by answering texts or responding to social media notifications says you aren’t listening.
    • Have Coffee With Someone Virtually: Plan an online group gathering and have coffee together. Share photos of your meals. Chat. Do a Facebook live feed.
  2. Work in Public Places: The article says, “For example, whose questions do you want to address in your Bible studies – those of professional exegetes or those of the culture?” Work in public places, like at a coffee shop when you do your social media or online work.
    • Be Interruptible: While you are on your tablet, phone, or computer, make eye contact. Look approachable as you work or play in that public space.
    • Do a Vlog at a coffee shop: People overhear and either will be annoyed or intrigued.
    • Whose questions to address? How about poll a secular Facebook group on your Bible Study questions and see what the secular groups say.
  3. Be Regular: A local realtor does this. He has coffee at the same place nearly every day. He isn’t shy about talking to people and getting to know them.
    • What if you haunted the same online network or group every day? Befriend people in that group, talk to them, let them see a bit of your life. What a witness!
  4. Join in With What’s Going On: Here at CMI, we want to show what others are doing in Cybermissions. Yes, we are a different entity, totally mobile and volunteer run, meant to enhance current ministries and create community, rather than take their places.
    • What social media ministries are in your area? 
    • What online Bible Studies are happening? 
  5. Leave The House in the Evenings: Tim says, “Hang out in a cafe. Go for a walk with a friend. It doesn’t matter where as long as you go with gospel intentionality.”
    • When Surfing Online after a long day of work, check in with the people you attend church with. Do any of them want to meet somewhere for coffee? How about if they need to chat? Are you single, and if you are single, what about meeting some other singles on your list for dinner?
  6. Serve Your Neighbors: Tim had some good ideas here. Here are mine:
    • Do you know how to fix a computer? Help a Senior Adult fix theirs for free. 
    • Spend a few hours empowering a Senior Adult who is homebound with Social Media. Help them understand the technology so they can reach people from a different generation. Help them serve from their beds.
  7. (Skipped this one as it is, well, obviously transferable to technology)
  8. Hang Out With Your Work Colleagues: Get a drink, have coffee, burn off steam in face-to-face gatherings. But online, be careful not to bash your job. The work place can be made more difficult if someone decides to share your statuses with your boss.
  9. Take a Walk: Bring your phone with you and share your proverbial and physical walk with your friend list. Snap a picture of something and share your thoughts about it on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook, even snapchat. Encourage your believer friends, and help your unbelieving friends know Jesus through your walk.
  10. Do a Prayer Walk: Tim suggests a prayer walk around your home, work place, or church. I take it a step further. Why not ask people to text you prayer requests so you can pray as you receive the texts on your walk. Find a quiet place to sit down and open up any Bible app to soak in God’s Word.

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