Everyday new apps and technology make communication easier. A new app called, Periscope, is available for Droid and Apple users. Go to Google Play or your App store and type in Periscope. Download it. It’s free. Begin making live broadcasts.

We are still experimenting with Periscope, and will let you know if we choose to use it and how much we like it or not. The reviews don’t seem favorable yet. Share with us how it works for you.

From Here:

In short, it’s an app (download it here for IOS or Droid) that enables you to broadcast video live from your phone / device at any time, from anywhere, to those who are following you. But it doesn’t stop with just those who are following you, Periscope also enables you the option to be discovered by new people as well (which is a huge opportunity if you are looking to expand your reach). It has a lot of great features too such as commenting which allows those who are watching to interact with you. Periscope will also host a replay of your live broadcast for 24 hours after it ends (you can save the video to your device and use it elsewhere as well – Youtube, etc). READ MORE

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