A Cook Abroad is a cooking series by the BBC that sends different chefs all over the world to learn more about the food they serve. In one episode, Scottish Chef,Tony Singh, a Sikh, travels to his ancestral home in India, visiting Punjab, Amritsar and New Delhi. While experiencing new foods and discovering where his grandfather lived before the British severed India into Pakistan and India (the Partition), Singh meets up with an Indian food blogger. This scene prompted an idea.

Food is a cultural bridge. My friends love the Food Network, and a quick search on the internet will easily find countless recipes, if not food bloggers, from all over the world. You don’t have to start your own blog to get involved in a conversation with a food blogger.

  • Follow favorite cultural food blogs, and sign up to receive those blogs via email.
  • Leave comments on the blog to have a conversation with them. You can also subscribe to replies on comments so the conversation can continue.
  • Try the recipes and ask advice from them.
  • Share photos of the recipes you made with the food bloggers on social media.
  • Find them on Instagram or Pinterest.

Before you share the Gospel with them, get to know them as a friend. Establish trust first. Learn about their families, belief systems, etc. Learn also about their communication styles. We Western Christians can’t assume our nuances will be understood by someone in a place like India. Listen first. Talk later. Pray always.

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