If we neglect the mission field online, others won’t for their “mission fields.” See these videos on how different people use the internet for their agendas, specifically, ISIS. 

Battling ISIS on Social Media (ABC, 2015)

  • They pick up different hash tags to recruit people. In other words, they use other people’s hashtags to bring their followers to that ISIS followers.
  • Watch Netflix, My Son, The Jihad. Pay close attention to how this young man became recruited. How can we, as Christians, use social media to create better community, connecting with face-to-face ministries who can help someone struggling?
  • More laws won’t dissuade people from joining causes. It’s a spiritual problem.


ISIS Recruiting Videos (MSNBC, 2015)

  • New accounts are always created.
  • They use the Dark Web and encrypted sites.
  • 90% of the internet is not even visible on search engines.
  • They use media, editing suites, television, 50,000 Twitter handles, etc.
  • The West is outnumbered.
  • People too quickly dismiss media as a powerful tool to change people’s minds. Know your audience, ignore the critics, and remember your audience may not be ISIS, but possible new recruits.
  • Christians need to use social media as a tool for engagement, not just posting messages (like preaching). An article some time back said that younger Christians don’t like being preached at. They want community. I would imagine this applies to those looking for purpose by allowing themselves to be recruited by ISIS.


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